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What is FABID?

The Food and Beverage Investor Database ("FABID") is a directory of both investors and investments in privately-held, consumer-facing food and beverage brands operating in the United States.

"As a former VC turned operator, I was surprised to discover hundreds of new food and bev investors. If you're raising capital, this is THE list."

"Incredible value and return on investment. We've both met other VCs and sourced investments identified here."

"Whenever we need a industry stat, this is the first place our staff turns - and consistently the most accurate."

"An amazing, easy to use directory that I reference on a weekly basis and often consult before making an investment."


From your Pre-Seed to your Series D, discover every institutional food and beverage investor within minutes. Identify potential capital partners to take your business to the next level.


Analyze granular category trends, track emerging brands, connect with potential co-investors and better assess the competitive landscape. Better understand who and what’s getting funded.


Quickly search for investing trends and easily cite proprietary data unavailable anywhere else. Support your story with compelling statistics and sources.

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  • Cite and discover granular category insights unavailable anywhere else.

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Target Investors ?
This option provides a curated list of 200+ investors who are best suited to your category and current size. For example, the investors focused on alcohol brands are different than those focused on food-tech and the investors focused on small brands that are just getting started are different than those focused on large, mature companies. We've designed our database to allow brands to target the right firms at the right time.

After signup, we'll ask you a few questions to make sure we send you a perfect group. You are also welcome to email us at to setup a call prior to making a decision.

Drawing on our unparalleled database of CPG investors, the deliverable contains every piece of information a Founder or CEO could want in a single source. Not only do we share the firms themselves, many of which fly under the radar, but also the names and emails of the decision-making partners, the companies the investor has previously worked with, and more. Finally, the deliverable is setup with a status selector that allows you to track how conversations are progressing in a single, easy to use, source of truth.
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